Saddest breakfast ever? Awful-looking £5.70 eggs on toast at Luton Airport goes viral

<em>Is this the worst airport breakfast ever? (Picture: Reddit/M1BG)</em>
Is this the worst airport breakfast ever? (Picture: Reddit/M1BG)

We all know airport food isn’t great, but one man’s tragic meal may have taken the prize for the worst airport breakfast ever.

A Reddit user called M1BG shared a picture of the miserable spread, which consisted of two limp triangles of buttered toast with three poached eggs inside a greasy-looking cardboard box.

The user posted the image with the caption: “Tbh I was hoping a little more effort would have gone into my £5.70 eggs on toast breakfast from Friska at Luton Airport”.

<em>Airport breakfast – the Reddit user posted the picture of their breakfast at an outlet in Luton Airport (Picture: PA)</em>
Airport breakfast – the Reddit user posted the picture of their breakfast at an outlet in Luton Airport (Picture: PA)

The post, which has received more than 600 comments, sparked both humour and horror from fellow Reddit users.

One joked: “The culinary term is ‘deconstructed'” while others said it resembled “eggs near toast” or “eggs in the same country as toast”.


Other, more serious, comments included: “Seriously that is appalling and I hope you complained” while some suggested the original poster may not have complained because they were being typically ‘British’.

A minority defended the company behind the woeful breakfast saying: “People don’t realise that food businesses are always fighting their pitch fees.

“If you ever think, “**** me this is expensive,” know that the business owner is getting ******* on the pitch and doing their best to run a decent business. That said, no excuse for eggs-near-toast.”

A spokesperson for Friska told the Mail: “We’ve seen the thread and this is far below our usual standards at Friska. We’re trying to get in touch with the customer to apologise directly for this and also with the franchise team who run our Luton airport store.”

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