Reform UK breaks silence after bombshell exit poll shows them winning 13 seats

Reform UK have broken their silence after it emerged Nigel Farage’s party appeared to be on course for 13 seats in the General Election 2024. The exit poll shows mllions of people had voted for the hard-right anti-immigration party, which has stated that it is out to destroy the Conservative Party.

Ben Habib, Reform’s deputy leader, said: “This is a huge bridgehead. This is politically seismic.” It comes as Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner said the exit poll numbers - which show a Labour landslide - are “encouraging” but noted that an “exit poll is a poll so we haven’t had any results yet”.

Rayner, speaking to BBC News, noted that a number of seats were on a “knife-edge”, adding: "I also know that all of our activists and our candidates have been going out there not taking anything for granted and speaking to the electorate about what matters to them."

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She added that it would be “an absolute honour and a privilege to be re-elected” as an MP for Ashton-under-Lyne and to be able to serve as deputy prime minister. Ms Rayner also took a moment to thank those who voted for Labour, telling Sky News: "We understand the weight on our shoulders ... and I would say to the people of this country, I will always put you first, and I will fight really hard every day to turn things around."

Pat McFadden, Labour’s national campaign coordinator, said: “Keir Starmer’s transformation of the Labour party has been remarkable. He has put country before party and has transformed Labour from a party focused on itself to one back in the service of the British public.

“We have campaigned as a changed Labour party, ready to change Britain. Whatever has been claimed throughout the campaign, the Labour party has assumed nothing about the result and has worked tirelessly to bring our message of change to people across the country.

“Britain’s future was on the ballot at this election. And, if we are successful tonight, Labour will get to work immediately with our first steps for change.”