Reform UK election results and all the seats they won

-Credit: (Image: PA)
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Reform UK saw a surge in votes in the general election winning four seats across the country so far.

The party, which is led by Nigel Farage and was formed in 2018, has managed to secure their first MPs at the ballot box.

The party had an early boost after the exit poll for the BBC, Sky and ITV predicted that the party could win 13 seats – higher than predictions by most polls. And in several early constituencies they took second place, pushing the Tories into third before victories for former Tory Lee Anderson and Mr Farage.

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Speaking after his victory in Clacton, Mr Farage said: "It shows that there is a level of disenchantment with politics. I think people are looking for something different.

"But, and here’s the important thing, this is not a protest vote. They’re not saying two fingers up to the establishment. They’re saying, ‘you know what, we really agree with what these guys are saying, we really agree with what they’re saying about tax levels, we agree with what they say about levels of legal net migration’.

“I promise you the enthusiasm of people voting Reform UK is truly extraordinary.”

Here are all the seats Reform UK has won across the UK:

  • Nigel Farage: Clacton

  • Lee Anderson: Ashfield

  • Richard Tice: Boston and Skegness

  • Rupert Lowe: Great Yarmouth

  • James McMurdock: Basildon South and East Thurroc