'I refuse to have sex with husband until he's clean – but he thinks I'm unreasonable'

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A woman revealed her strict rule for intimacy with her husband – he must shower first, as she only enjoys physical contact when he's "freshly clean".

Taking to Reddit to voice her concerns, the anonymous woman expressed worry she might be in the wrong. The couple had a row over her insistence on cleanliness, but she stands firm on not being intimate unless he's washed, especially after gym sessions and using the bathroom.

She can't compromise on this issue, feeling uncomfortable getting close to him under those conditions.

In her Reddit confession, she wrote: "Am I weird for feeling yuck and not able to give my husband oral sex before he hops in the shower? He just came from the gym, went to poop and then asked without showering first. I couldn't."

A woman won't have sex with her husband until he's had a shower
She refuses to have sex with her partner -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

She added: "I never agree to give him [oral] unless he's freshly clean. He ended up saying 'you're really making me hate this marriage'. I just cant do it. Am I wrong?"

The post has since garnered much support from the online community, with many echoing her preference for cleanliness in intimate moments.

One commenter affirmed her stance, stating: "You are absolutely sane and reasonable to turn [him] down."

Another shared: "I think your standards are pretty normal, unless you're someone who has a fetish for sweat."

"The more important thing here is the act of him demanding [oral]... and putting you down for refusing to do it if he's not clean. You need to confront him about his attitude."

Several men also offered their perspective on the topic. It appears many men take steps to ensure they're "clean" before any intimate moments with their partners.

One guy shared: "I automatically make sure I'm clean for my wife. Now... that doesn't always mean 'fresh out of the shower' that instant, but I certainly don't come home from the gym sweaty, take a dump and expect [oral]."

Another stated: "Dude... I'm a guy and I want to be clean before accepting the generous gift that is oral sex from a woman. This guy needs to get some perspective and appreciation."