Relatives in Baby Costumes Stage Boxing Match for Gender Reveal Party in Jacksonville

Relatives of an expectant couple dressed up in giant inflatable baby outfits and boxed to reveal the gender of the fetus at a party in Jacksonville, Florida, on October 10.

Rose Safar, who is pregnant with the recently revealed baby boy, originally posted this video to Facebook.

Safar told Storyful she and her husband had about 90 guests attend the gender reveal. She said they wanted to entertain them, rather than just “simply pop a balloon or confetti popper.”

“It’s been such a sad and gloomy year for all of us so we wanted something that would bring some joy and laughter to everyone,” she said. “One of my relatives came up with the idea of having a boxing match with the massive babies to symbolize which sperm won the fight to get inside the egg during conception.”

The people inside the costumes were Safar’s cousin and nephew. She said the “boxing” match was fake and no one was hurt.

“After the boxing match we had a wonderful time, playing games, dancing, eating, and drinking. It was a truly memorable evening for everyone,” she said. Credit: Rose Safar via Storyful