Is Reneé Rapp a top? PRIDE investigates

A woman investigates Renee Rapp
A woman investigates Renee Rapp

Queer actor and musician Reneé Rapp has rocketed to stardom. First, she had a breakout role in The Sex Lives of College Girls, then her music career took off, and she scored the role as Regina George in the Mean Girls reboot.

Her charm, sex appeal, and career success mean that queer girls everywhere are asking if the blonde beauty will top them. So now, the public — and by public, we mean us — is dying to know; is she a top?

Let's pull out our Sherlock Holmes hat and magnifying glass and investigate!

The question is clearly top of mind because yesterday Fifth Harmony star Lauren Jauregui went on the TikTok channel Two Dykes and a Mic to play "Who Tops Who: Alto Edition," where she was asked who is the top between Alicia Keys and Reneé Rapp.

Jauregui shocked the hosts by immediately answering, "Reneé!" and then asked, "Have y'all heard Reneé speak? Reneé is a top."

Yesterday, someone also posted screenshots from a TikTok video in which someone said, "Reneé's a top. She's the one wearing the Reneé Strapp."

First, calling it a Reneé Strapp is genius and hilarious. Second, Rapp's girlfriend Towa Bird dropped into the comments, writing, "idk ab the third one." So does that mean Rapp is in fact the bottom in the relationship? The plot thickens.

While people on the internet clearly think Rapp is a top — or at least dream of her topping them — the 24-year-old musician's own words contradict this.

In a video taken from one of Rapp's concerts, she sees a fan hold up a sign and stops to ask, "Okay, so this sign says 'looking for a bottom?,'" Rapp reads out loud. "And I'm not assuming, but as you saying at me 'looking for a bottom?'"

Then she said, "Amazing. In the interest of time and you having a fun time at this concert, do you need a top? Is that what you need?"

After the fan confirms that she is, in fact, looking for a top, Rapp says, "Yea, that ain't me," seeming to support that while she may give off top energy, she is not the one wearing the strap — or Reneé Strapp — in the relationship.

In another video from one of her concerts, Rapp tells her fans that she's not a top but a proud pillow princess.

Rapp stops her concert to point out a sign a fan is holding up that reads, "Pillow Princess Representation Matters."

Rapp jokes, "And what about us? We work day and night to lay there like a little starfish. Crazy."

Case closed. Rapp is a pillow princess! Now, if she and Towa Bird ever break up, she's going to have a fat stack of applicants just dying to top her.