Reports of 'young child' rushed to hospital after being injured in crash as car 'smashes into fence'

A 'young child' was reportedly rushed to hospital after being injured in a crash on a main road in Westhoughton on Sunday afternoon (June 16).

There are unconfirmed reports that the child, understood to have been a young girl, was struck by a vehicle along Wigan Road. Police and paramedics raced to the scene and blocked the road in both directions.

Greater Manchester Police have not yet confirmed details surrounding the incident, but locals also claimed a car appeared to have been smashed into a fence at the roadside.

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Pictures taken from the scene showed traffic police in attendance, along with an ambulance with the road cordoned off for a number of hours amid investigations.

Former councillor Anna-Marie Watters, who lives nearby, said she witnessed the scene moments after the collision and that a large vehicle had mounted the kerb and crashed into a fence on the opposite side of the road.

She has spent 25 years campaigning for road safety measures along Wigan Road and was previously successful in having the speed limit changed from 40mph to 30mph.

"We saw it as we were coming down the road. We were on the left hand side as if you are going into Hindley," she said. "You could see a large Range Rover-type car and it was in the fence on the opposite side of the road. It looked as if it has crossed the road and mounted the kerb.

"I have campaigned on this road for 25 years. When I moved here it was 40mph and I threatened to shut it off due to the number of accidents.

"It's such a massive road; we hear how fast they go all night, every night. There's been a lot of accidents here and they have changed the bollards so many times because cars keep hitting them."

Westhoughton South Councillor David Chadwick also confirmed to the Manchester Evening News that it was believed a young child had been involved.

Further details about the condition of those involved or the full circumstances of the incident have not yet been confirmed. Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for a comment.