Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene was DUNKED ON by her own party & we can't stop CACKLING

Republican Senator Thom Tillis insulted Marjorie Taylor Greene
Republican Senator Thom Tillis insulted Marjorie Taylor Greene

Far-right Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is so awful that even her fellow Republicans are getting sick of her antics!

Republican Senator Thom Tillis slammed the MAGA devotee, claiming she's hurting the GOP and "dragging our brand down," NBC News reports.

"I think she's uninformed. She is a total waste of time," Tillis is heard saying in a recording reported by CNN on Tuesday.

Finally, someone on the right said it! But calling her a "waste of time" is a gross understatement. Greene has proven herself to be a dangerous moron — remember when she claimed Jewish space lasers cause wildfires? — and a blowhard who can't keep her racist, xenophobic, antisemitic, and anti-LGBTQ+ beliefs to herself.

"She is a horrible leader. She is dragging our brand down. She — not the Democrats — are the biggest risk to us getting back to a majority," the North Carolina senator continued.

We love anyone who takes MTG down a peg. But the Republican "brand" you're trying to protect was rotten long before the first time Greene opened her mouth, and dumb conspiracy theories fell out.

Tillis' takedown comes after Greene has spent most of 2024 trying to oust Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and fighting against the foreign aid bill that President Joe Biden signed on Wednesday. The bill provides $26.4 billion for Israel, $60.8 billion for Ukraine, and $8.1 billion for Taiwan and the Into-Pacific, as well as a provision that forces TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, to sell the platform to an American company or risk being banned in the U.S.

Listening to a member of the GOP rake Greene over the coals is our new favorite thing. Now, if only we could get them to take Trump down, too!