Rescue Efforts Continue in Malawi as Tropical Storm Freddy Wreaks Havoc

Rescue efforts took place in the Makanga area in Malawi on Monday, March 20, amid heavy flooding brought by Tropical Storm Freddy.

Freddy, a deadly, long-lived storm that hit Malawi twice as cyclone, has killed at least 438 people in the landlocked African country and left tens of thousands without homes, Al Jazeera reported citing authorities.

Footage by Malcolm Russell shows a detachment from the United Kingdom International Search and Rescue Team (UK-ISAR) boating through floodwaters with women and children.

Russell, who was deployed with UK-ISAR, said some of the people they rescued “haven’t eaten for [five] days” and “had homes washed away in the flood.” Credit: Malcolm Russell via Storyful

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