Rescue hopes fade after attack in Ukraine's Dnipro


Rescue hopes are fading after one of the Ukraine war's deadliest strikes against civilians.

Dozens of people have now been confirmed dead from Saturday's Russian strike on the Ukrainian city of Dnipro.

Footage showed a woman on Sunday being rescued - still alive 18 hours after this nine-story apartment block was hit.

Dozens are feared to be still trapped under the rubble, but the city's mayor says there's little hope of finding more survivors.

Emergency workers could hear people screaming for help...and were using moments of silence to help direct their efforts.

Freezing temperatures added to rescuers' concerns.

In his nightly address, Ukraine's President Volodymr Zelenskiy vowed to press ahead with the rescue mission.

"We are fighting for every person," he said.

Russia fired two waves of missiles at Ukraine on Saturday striking targets across the country,

as fighting raged on the battlefield in the eastern towns of Soledar and Bakhmut.

The attack on this apartment block in the east-central city of Dnipro was one of the worst strikes of the war against civilians.

It was struck by a Soviet-era Kh-22 missile.

The missile is known to be inaccurate and Ukraine lacks the air defenses to shoot it down.

The death toll could rise further with 30 people being treated in hospital including young children.

In a statement on Sunday about its previous day of strikes, the Russian defense ministry did not mention Dnipro as a specific target.

Meanwhile, Russia and Belarus will begin what they’re calling ‘defensive’ air force drills on Monday

which have triggered fears in Kyiv and the West of a new ground offensive in Ukraine.