Rescued Duck Hitches a Ride on Skateboard With Kentucky Girl

A rescued duck hitched a ride on a skateboard with its 10-year-old “best friend” near their home in Louisville, Kentucky, recently posted video shows.

Video by Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary co-founder Brandon Feusner shows his daughter, Abigail, cruise around their neighborhood with their rescued duck named Quack.

Feusner, who runs the micro sanctuary with his partner, said Abigail and Quack quickly bonded and “became best friends” after Quack’s brother died earlier this year. Quack has been a resident at their sanctuary for over two years.

“He is known for being fiercely protective of fellow sanctuary residents and has even been seen chasing off potential predators like cats,” Feusner said.

Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary is home to more than 30 rescued animals, including numerous goats and “special needs” residents, Feusner said. Credit: Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary via Storyful

Video transcript