Rescued Sea Otter Pup Welcomed at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium

A sea otter pup rescued in Alaska arrived at his new home at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium on November 29, footage shows.

The male sea otter pup was found alone in late October by the Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) and will remain behind the scenes at Shedd’s Regenstein Sea Otter Nursery until he is ready to join the other otters at the aquarium.

The aquarium said the little pup, estimated to be about 8 weeks old and weighing only 10 pounds, is receiving around-the-clock care. He is currently eating formula from a bottle as well as small pieces of clam every few hours, Shedd said in a press release.

Shedd Aquarium’s five resident otters – Luna, Cooper, Watson, Suri, and Willow – were also rescues, and “were given a second chance at life,” the organization said.

Footage shows the pup’s travel from Seward, Alaska, to Chicago, and the special care he is receiving. Credit: Shedd Aquarium via Storyful

Video transcript

- How does that sound?

- That sounds great

- OK, OK. Great.


- He's about 8 pounds out of it.

- Yeah.

- Are you going to go?

- Oh boy.


- Oh, that's so cute. You are so cute.

- You ready to go swim?




- Morning.

- Come here, sugar. That's a good boy.

- The new--

- I got that here.

- Get in the water. You can do it. Come on. Yay!


You're in, bud!

Good job. Good job.

Come here bud. Come on.

- All right? Here, I'll do it.

- Oh, good!

Good job, bud.