Rescuers Give Fur Seal Snagged by Fishing Line a 'Second Chance'

A fur seal that was snagged on some fishing line and had a hook embedded in its lip has been given a “second chance” after a dramatic rescue in Port Phillip Bay by a team from Melbourne Zoo.

Melbourne Zoo said its Marine Response Unit came to the animal’s aid on February 26 after a tour boat spotted it in distress on the rocks at Pope’s Eye.

GoPro footage of the intervention shows Mark Keenan of the zoo’s marine unit and zoo vet Christina Cheng cutting the line and removing the hook after the seal was sedated.

The team waited for the sedation to wear off, and saw that the seal was soon back in action, swimming with others.

“Other than a painful lip in the short-term, the seal is expected to make a full recovery, which is a fantastic outcome,” Keenan said. Credit: Melbourne Zoo via Storyful

Video transcript

- Nice and slow, guys.


- Yeah, all good.