Rescuers Surprised as Sleeping Wolf Wakes Up During Evacuation Near Bakhmut

A Ukrainian photographer found himself with a bit of a furry problem while evacuating two wolves and a dog from a village near Bakhmut, Ukraine.

Footage recorded by Ignatius Ivlev-Yorke shows him and another rescuer picking up the animals from a man in the village of Predtechyne.

The owner introduces the wolves as Stropa and Volf, according to a machine translation.

Ivlev-Yorke can then be heard asking if the animals bite, to which the owner replies “Yes”.

“The request was a little specific, but we had a free day – and who would have thought that the wolves would be without muzzles, wouldn’t fit in the cages, and would wake up en route,” Ivlev-Yorke wrote on Twitter.

As the rescue team drives along, one of the wolves is seen wakeing up. Ivlev-Yorke and his partner can be heard laughing nervously as the animal sticks its head between the front seats, with only a cloth string tied around the muzzle.

The animals were eventually delivered to a safe location, Ivlev-Yorke wrote: “The job is done, we are alive, the wolves are saved, and their owners left the combat zone.”

“Also, I’m never doing that again,” he finished. Credit: @ivlevyorke via Storyful