Resident Evil 4 remake given update ahead of next month's release

resident evil 4 remake leon s kennedy
Resi 4 remake gets new trailer ahead of releaseCapcom

Resident Evil 4 remake is a month away from release, and Capcom has released some (itchy) tasty footage as part of PlayStation's State of Play livestream to get us all excited.

There's a lot to dive into here, but the main thing catching our eye is how the trailer goes into the later areas of the game. It shows us shiny new versions of classic scenes like the mine cart and the knife fight with Leon S Kennedy's old buddy-turned-enemy, Jack Krauser.

Interestingly, Luis Sera is joining Leon for moments that he wasn't a part of in the original game — partly due to hardware limitations but mostly due to him being dead.

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How far will this remake go in changing the canon? Will Luis survive, or has the time of his death been changed to keep returning players on edge? Are these buddy segments testing the waters for a potential Resident Evil 5 remake?

Beyond that, there's also the return of a fan-favourite Resi bonus mode, The Mercenaries.

It won't be available at launch, but it will be released as a free piece of DLC when it's good and ready. Everyone's still running around as Lady Dimitrescu on the Resident Evil: Village version of The Mercenaries anyway, right?

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resident evil 4 remake leon krauser knife fight
resident evil 4 remake leon and luis versus two el gigante

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Dropping before the game, but currently not dated, is a demo. We don't know what the demo will entail, whether it will be timed like previous Resi demos, or whether it will come to Xbox as well as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

We'll keep you posted if updates come through.

The Resident Evil 4 remake will be released on PS5, Ps4 and Xbox Series X|S on March 24.

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