Residents brand council a 'joke' as more street lights turned off in Coventry

Brinklow Road in Binley is one of the areas affected by part-night street lighting
-Credit: (Image: Nick Wilkinson)

Areas of Binley have been affected by their streetlights being turned off as Coventry City Council has implemented part-night lighting since May 2024. City roads such as Binley Road, Brindle Avenue, Weir Way, Brinklow Road, and George Marston are among the ones affected.

One local resident said the lights have been off for 'several weeks' and branded the move as 'awful' and 'disgusting'. This comes after residents in Tile Hill were also affected earlier this year, with one local business helping out by handing out torches for people to use while they leave or come back to their homes.

In February, the council voted to turn off streetlights in parts of the city from midnight to 5:30am on weeknights and between 1am and 5:30am on weekends to help make cuts and savings to avoid bankruptcy, saving £700,000 per year which can be used to protect 'other vital services'.

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A council spokesperson said not 'all roads' will be affected, and the lights on busier roads, controlled crossings, and public paths will keep their lights on. They added they have seen a 'drop in crime levels' across the UK by switching to part-night lighting.

Many residents expressed their views online about the turning off of streetlights in Binley. Zoe Whittaker-Corcoran said: "The whole of Coventry is being turned off now, yet we are still paying for street lighting in our council tax."

Keith Haworth said: "Great idea if the council tax didn't increase. So no street lighting and now paying for brown bins, I think someone is taking all of us for fools." Pat Davies added: "They will keep hitting the lights off at night, but keep the fountain running in the middle of town, wasting electricity and water, a joke."

Paul Moyni said: "I'm a night owl so I walk my dog and occasionally travel on foot late at night. Finding the lights being on and off in parches to almost be worse in some spots, my eyes can't adjust to the dark before you get a patch of lighting and then are plunged into pitch black again."

A council spokesperson said: "Earlier this year, we ran a budget consultation about ways the council could save money, and part-night street lighting was one of the proposals that was approved. Part-night street lighting sees the lighting switched off between midnight and 5.30 in the morning on weeknights, and between 1 a.m. and 5.30 a.m. on weekends.

"Not all roads will be affected by the change, as the lights will remain on busier streets and junctions, at controlled crossings, and on public footpaths/alleyways away from roads. In total, around 70% of the streetlights will be switched off overnight.

"We understand people have safety concerns, but areas with high levels of crime or anti-social behaviour will continue to use full-night lighting, and Council officers will be monitoring and reviewing any reports of traffic accidents or crime levels in areas using part-night lighting over the coming months to ensure people’s safety.

"However, the majority of local authorities who use this scheme across the nation have reported drops in crime levels after switching to part-night lighting. Part-night lighting contributes to the city’s green agenda, with around 412 tonnes of CO2 saved, and is set to save the council approximately £700,000 per year, which we can use to help fund other vital services across the city."

For more information about the part-night street lighting in Coventry, visit the Coventry City Council website.

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