Returning Emmerdale character sparks same complaint after wedding twist

Laura in her role as Kerry Wyatt on Emmerdale -Credit:ITV
Laura in her role as Kerry Wyatt on Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

Emmerdale viewers have taken to social media to make the same complaint about the return of Kerry Wyatt.

Viewers were left questioning when the character would "leave forever", as Kerry revealed a huge problem with her daughter Amy's wedding.

Laura Norton, the actress who plays Kerry in the ITV show, returned to our screens last month following a 16-month absence.

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Viewers will know that in last week's episodes, Kerry was disappointed to find out that her “expensive” necklace was in fact a knock-off. Kerry is due to pay for her daughter Amy’s wedding to Matty Barton and was hoping to use the cash from the sale of the glitzy necklace in order to pay for it.

Rehearsals took place in tonight’s episode, with the real ceremony set to take place tomorrow night. But Kim stormed into the rehearsals to demand the thousands of pounds that she was owed for the wedding - or else it will be called off. As wedding organiser Leyla rang her up to break the news, Amy was reminiscing to Eric about her days working on the cruise ships.

She explained that the necklace was stolen from a 98-year-old man she’d been engaged to, as Eric urged Kerry to be honest with her daughter about her money troubles - and that there’s a possibility that her “dream wedding” might not be able to go ahead.

Taking his advice, Kerry went to break the news to Amy. But she didn’t have time to say a word, before Amy said: “I’ve never been happier, and it’s all down to you - you’ve been my rock through all of this.”

Amy said she wanted to do something “special” for her mum to show her how grateful she was and asked her to walk her down the aisle, Kerry said that she “couldn’t think of a reason to say no” as Amy exclaimed that it was “going to be the best day of her life”.

As Kerry opened up about her woes, viewers remained divided about the character's return, with some questioning when she would leave again.

@Margare16040532 said: “Whose bright idea was it to bring Kerry back? She just makes a crap programme even worse. #Emmerdale”

@itzzzo_ wrote: “Shame that Kerry didn’t go overboard when she was on the ships #Emmerdale”

@lisa_a_jones tweeted: “#emmerdale I've stopped listening to Kerry,” while @Surfingspaniel said: “Anyone interested in Kerry’s story? Nah thought not #Emmerdale”

@HasanHussain777 said: “Waiting for the day Kerry is gone forever….#Emmerdale.”

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