Revive your white socks with lemon juice: A natural solution to stubborn stains

Dirty and white socks
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White socks are a practical and versatile choice in any wardrobe.

However, maintaining their pristine appearance under daily wear can be a real struggle due to the visibility of dirt, stains, and yellowing. Particularly prone to unsightly discolouration, white socks bear the brunt of foot sweat, shoe friction, and contact with various surfaces.

Moreover, repeated washing cycles can take away their initial brightness and lead to dullness over time. To address these common issues, an expert from Daily Poppins, who also happens to be a cleaning specialist, has revealed how to restore the whiteness of socks without resorting to harsh bleaches, reports the Express.

One of his top recommendations includes using lemon juice, which has "powerful stain removal properties" that also serve laundry purposes pretty well. Elaborating on this, he mentions, "This is because the acid found in lemon is antibacterial, antiseptic and acts as a natural bleach."

Beginning this method involves placing the stained socks in a bowl of warm water mixed with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon for about two to three hours. After this pre-wash step, put the socks in your washing machine for their usual wash cycle to enjoy "sparkling clean socks".

In addition to brightening white socks, lemon juice also works as a natural fabric softener, due to the citric acid breaking down detergent or soap residues. However, if you're considering alternative methods such as using white vinegar or baking soda, be prepared for these techniques to take longer to show effect.

The method involving vinegar requires soaking the socks in a mix of boiled water and white vinegar (a litre of the former and 250ml of the latter), leaving them overnight before running them through a normal wash cycle to eliminate any vinegar smell.

For those opting for the baking soda solution, begin by soaking your socks in warm water with a sprinkle of baking soda for several hours. Wring them out and toss them into the washing machine with 150 to 200ml of baking soda added to your regular washing powder or liquid in the detergent drawer.

Nigel also recommended using washing-up liquid as an effective alternative. Start by filling up the sink with warm water and mixing in a good quantity of washing-up liquid, let it sit overnight before proceeding with a typical wash routine in the morning.

As this method lacks softening properties, adding a cup of white vinegar can "help keep socks soft and fluffy".

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