Reza Farahan reveals his favorite kinks & what type of guys he's attracted to

Reza Farahan Shahs of Sunset The GOAT Bravo
Reza Farahan Shahs of Sunset The GOAT Bravo

Is this a safe space?

Reza Farahan has had no problem waving his rainbow flag since his debut on Shahs of Sunset back in 2012.

Although Shahs was canceled in 2021, Farahan's phone is still ringing as he's made recent appearances on The Traitors and the brand new show The GOAT.

During a recent interview with PRIDE, the star threw plenty of shade at Jill Zarin and teased their on-screen feud that'll play out in The GOAT mansion.

"Here's what I have to say about Jill. If you saw Below Deck, that is exactly what was going on in the house. She's very lucky that they edited her in a way where you didn't see as much of that. She was complaining the whole time. It was a bit much for me," Farahan tells PRIDE.

In typical Reza style, Farahan also told a hilarious story that centered around previous drama that he and Zarin had long before competing against each other on The GOAT.

The best part? He ironically revealed his spicy kinks and ideal partner.

"My interactions with Jill have a funny story and it leads back to being gay. When she was fired from Bravo, Shahs of Sunset was on the second or third season. I had gone to a gay club and there was a cute twink I was dancing with. His hands went up in the air and maybe my face went close to the armpits."

Well, apparently Zarin caught wind of Farahan's wild night and took to Twitter (now X) to rant all about it.

"Miss Jill didn't even know me and she's tweeting about how Bravo has gone way down hill since she left it. She had to write an apology letter and give me some cookies to make up with me."

Naturally, Farahan also doubled down on his love for pits and a natural masculine smell.

"Male pheromones do excite me! I'm like a cat with catnip. It has been documented in the past. I'm just going to stick with it! [I like] man scents!"

The GOAT is premieres May 9 on Freevee. To see the full interview with Reza Farahan, check out the video below.

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