RHOBH’s Annemarie Wiley Reveals She’s Been Fired After One Season, And Fans Have Thoughts

 Annemarie Wiley in a confessional for the After Show.
Annemarie Wiley in a confessional for the After Show.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended its less-than-stellar thirteenth season last week, with a three-part reunion that saw Sutton Stracke leaving to receive medical attention. Despite tackling many of the issues brought up on the show, the finale still left a handful of questions unanswered -- like the state of Kyle Richards' marriage. Another one of those questions was if newcomer Annemarie Wiley would be asked back to the cast after a rocky start. Now, Bravo fans can finally put that question to rest, because it’s been revealed that she will not be returning.

Unlike most freshman housewives who lay low their first season and try their best to build alliances, Wiley came in ready to make her mark on the long-running series. Added to the cast six weeks into filming the season that aired on the 2024 TV schedule, the nurse anesthetist immediately found herself in hot water when her job title became a topic of conversation. In addition, she was at odds with Stracke and Crystal Minkoff and unable to win over the devoted RHOBH fanbase or other Housewives stars like Miami's Nicole Martin. While drama is always good for reality TV, it seems like the type of drama she stirred wasn’t what Bravo was looking for as she has been fired.

Never one to take things lying down, Wiley immediately took to Instagram to share the news and her thoughts on the matter:

Naturally, the news and the former housewife’s statement have sparked debate amongst RHOBH fans. The comments section of the post features fans sharing their well wishes and sadness now that they won’t get to see the “real” Annemarie that she hinted at in the post:

  • You got one of the most unfair chances we’ve ever seen unfortunately. You deserved another shot. I’m so sorry this is happening. - @christiangraysnow

  • They couldn’t handle the grateness!! Their loss, continue being an amazing mom, wife, friend, APN, advocate, etc. You have inspired so many!!!! 🙌🏾 - @drcannp

  • Wish we could hear more of your story. You seem way more interesting than some of the other housewives. Won’t name who lol. Also thank you for supporting CRNA’s! 🔥❤ - @gehran2.0

Even Andy Cohen and former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey found themselves in Wiley's comments applauding her for her statement and offering some support from the inside:

Unfortunately, not everyone had kind words for Wiley’s departure. The tone looks a lot different over on X, where fans have been outspoken about their disinterest in the newcomer since the moment she made her debut.

While some fans were shocked to learn of the firing, others had been predicting it was coming since the very moment she stepped onto the show and inserted herself into the drama.

It didn’t take long for fans to start speculating about what led to the firing either. Several loyal RHOBH watchers, like X user @zigazighmmm, have noted that the latest round of firings all have one thing in common: they’ve gone after Stracke. Others pointed at Wiley’s personal life and the controversial views she and her husband share as the source of the firing.

However, the real issue fans have with Wiley’s departure is that it’s the second time in the last two seasons that a newcomer has been fired after one season. It’s clear that RHOBH needs a shake-up within the cast, but the casting department just can’t seem to find the right fit. Maybe it’s time for the series to do what New York did and start completely fresh so that we actually get great seasons again.

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