The Rich Get Richer as ‘Dune: Part Two’ and ‘Anyone but You’ Lead Home Movie Viewing

Home viewing charts inspire deja vu: “Anyone but You,” a hit as a PVOD release, just debuted at Netflix (under Sony’s deal to provide initial streaming rights, usually four months after theatrical release). It knocked out Netflix’s expensive “Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver” from first place after two weeks, falling to #6.

Similarly, “Dune: Part Two” returned for its second week as #1 at both iTunes (ranking by transactions) and Fandango (which calculates by revenue).

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The “Dune” sequel fended off challenges by two recent theatrical releases. Dev Patel’s “Monkey Man” (Universal), once intended as a Netflix original, is #2 at iTunes, third at Fandango. The family-oriented “Arthur the King” (Lionsgate) took second at Fandango, but only #6 at iTunes. Both initially are available to rent for 48 hours for $19.99.

Two new home-play debuts also made top 10 lists. “Cash Out” (Saban) is #9 at iTunes, renting at $6.99; starring John Travolta, the critically reviled title may be getting as much attention for its little-known director Ives. That’s a pseudonym for controversial producer Randall Emmett, perhaps best known as a former fiance of a “Vanderpump Rules” cast member and the subject of a scorching LA Times expose. “Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Two” (Warner Bros.), an animated DC Comics original, is #6 at Fandango for $19.99.

One recent VOD release with limited theatrical play that’s seen little interest is Woody Allen’s French-language “Coup de Chance” (MPI). The Parisian production received good reviews and debuted as a $6.99 rental, but it hasn’t shown up on any chart in its two weeks in release (iTunes lists 30 films).

At Netflix, Sony’s 2017 animated release “Smurfs: The Lost Village” debuted at #2. Top Netflix original this week at #3 is the documentary “Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut.” If you want to know what bowel movements say about you, this is the film to watch.

Martin Freeman as Jonathan Miller and Jenna Ortega as Cairo Sweet in Miller’s Girl. Photo Credit: Zac Popik
‘Miller’s Girl’Zac Popik/Lionsgate

“Wednesday” star Jenna Ortega drives the success of #4 Netflix title “Miller’s Girl,” which had a brief theatrical run in tandem with its January VOD release. The erotic thriller, which centers on an evolving relationship between an older teacher (Martin Freeman) and his student, sparked controversy with its age-gap plotline and multiple sex scenes.

Reelgood, an app for one-stop coordination of streaming channels, reports that their users (who many not represent a cross-section of the wider audience) watched “Late Night with the Devil” (IFC) on Shudder more than any other movie. However widespread this may be, it’s a significant victory for the niche streamer.

Top 10s

iTunes ranks films daily by number of transactions, while Fandango at Home lists by revenue. The listings below are for Monday, April 29.

The distributors listed are current rights owners. Prices for all titles are for lowest for either rental or download.


1. Dune: Part Two (WB) – $24.99

2. Monkey Man (Universal) – $19.99

3. Dune/Dune: Part Two (WB) – $34.99

4. The Beekeeper (Lionsgate) – $5.99

5. Kung Fu Panda 4 (Universal) – $19.99

6. Arthur the King (Lionsgate) – $19.99

7. Ordinary Angels (Lionsgate) – $9.99

8. Immaculate (Neon) – $9.99

9. Cash Out (Saban) – $6.99

10. Anyone but You (Sony) – $5.99

Fandango at Home

1. Dune: Part Two (WB) – $24.99

2. Arthur the King (Lionsgate) – $19.99

3. Monkey Man (Universal) – $19.99

4. Kung Fu Panda 4 (Universal) – $19.99

5. Late Night with the Devil (IFC) – $14.99

6. Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Two (WB) – $19.99

7. The Beekeeper (Amazon MGM) – $5.99

8. Ordinary Angels (Lionsgate) – $19.99

9. Immaculate (Neon) – $9.99

10. In the Land of Saints and Sinners (Goldwyn) – $19.99

Netflix Movies

These are the most-viewed, current rankings on Netflix’s domestic daily chart on Monday, April 29. Originals include both Netflix-produced and acquired titles it initially presents in the U.S. Netflix publishes its own worldwide weekly top 10 on Tuesdays based on time viewed.

1. Anyone but You (2023 theatrical release)

2. Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017 theatrical release)

3. Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut (Netflix original documentary)

4. Miller’s Girl (2024 VOD release)

5. King Richard (2021 theatrical release)

6. Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver (Netflix original movie)

7. Rust Creek (2018 VOD release)

8. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023 theatrical release)

9. Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp (Netflix original animated film)

10. What Jennifer Did (Netflix British original documentary)

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