Richard Armitage teases when to expect next Harlan Coben series

Richard Armitage has teased when his next Harlan Coben series Missing You could drop on Netflix.

Missing You will be Armitage's fourth Coben outing, and it centres around a detective finding her long-missing partner on a dating app.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy about his new movie The Boy in the Woods, the Red Eye actor also spoke about his Coben collaborations and has taken a guess that Missing You will air on January 1, 2025.

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"I think it will be in the same slot [as Fool Me Once] next year, I think it will be on January 1. At a guess!" he said.

"I'm playing the detective chief inspector opposite an old friend of mine, who I did Uncle Vanya with, Rosalind Eleazar, who is the lead actress in this show. And she is brilliant, she's absolutely brilliant."

Eleazar plays detective Kat Donovan, who discovers a dating app account for her fiancé more than a decade after he disappeared without a word, which will bring up questions about Kat's own past.

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"It's a slightly shorter format, it's five episodes, because it's a singular narrative without a complicated subplot," added Armitage.

Armitage has also starred in Coben adaptations The Stranger, Stay Close and Fool Me Once.

Previously speaking to Digital Spy, Armitage opened up about what keeps bringing him back to the thriller genre.

"It is so my vibe," he said. "And as a writer, I just love intrigue. I love the unexpected. I love a great plot twist.

"I genuinely love characters who turn out to be somebody that you didn't think they were or that will reveal something about themselves that they've been hiding. I also like how technology is incorporated into that, in terms of Harlan Coben's writing and Pete Dowling's [Red Eye] writing as well.

"Technology plays a big part, because we can be very secretive in today's world. But our digital footprint is the thing that can basically trip us up."

Missing You will stream at a later date on Netflix. The Boy in the Woods is out now on digital platforms in the UK.

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