Richard Osman tells people to stop body shaming him over his height

Richard Osman wasn't paid for his early work in front of the camera on quiz show sensation Pointless. (BBC/Remarkable Television)
Richard Osman as host of 'Pointless'. (BBC/Remarkable Television)

Richard Osman has told fans to stop body shaming him over his height.

The 6 foot 7" TV presenter appeared on Steven Bartlett's Diary of a CEO podcast and revealed he doesn't like comments about his frame.

He said to the businessman: "Because they've talked about my stature and I've felt ashamed. That's body shaming.

"I would never have thought of it as that."

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The former Pointless presenter added: "I'm 6ft 7, which is too much is the truth. My height is something that people can always see. Recently people have started saying, ''Oh, you mustn't body shame',"

Richard Osman does not like comments about his height. (BBC)
Richard Osman does not like comments about his height. (BBC)

"And I thought, ''Well that's interesting''. Because body shaming is sort of something that certain people would say, ''What a snowflake, talking about body shaming''.

"But actually I think, 'yeah, that's what you're doing, that's what people have done to me for the last 30 years - they've body shamed me'."

The broadcaster also said his height had made him feel "embarrassed" as he'd receive comments when out in public about blocking the view of others.

He also talked about how it made him more empathetic towards people who are discriminated against: "Every single day just non-stop, and so I know that to be a person of colour, to be differently gendered, to be all of these things, I know that the micro-aggressions I get, you're getting non-stop every day of your life, and in a much more harmful way."

Richard Osman on 'House of Games'. (BBC)
Richard Osman on 'House of Games'. (BBC)

The TV star has always been tall and measured 6 foot 2" at 17 and confessed to always being worried that he wouldn't fit in things due to his height and long legs.

Osman recently announced he was leaving Pointless, the BBC quiz show he has hosted with Alexander Armstrong since 2009.

He has left the show to spend more time on his writing career which has so far led to three bestselling crime novels set in a retirement home.

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