Richard Osman claims ‘everyone’ in industry knows who Baby Reindeer abuser is

Richard Osman has claimed that “everyone” in the television industry knows the identity of the sexual abuser depicted in Richard Gadd’s Netflix series Baby Reindeer.

Osman, 53, is a bestselling author who previously worked as an executive producer for a string of British game shows.

He now hosts The Rest Is Entertainment podcast with journalist Marina Hyde, and the pair discussed “The Baby Reindeer Controversy” on a recent episode.

Baby Reindeer, which has achieved a very unusual feat for Netflix in both the UK and US, is a semi-autobiographical series created by Gadd, based on a one-man show he performed at the Edinburgh festival.

In the show, Gadd’s character Donny is stalked by a woman named Martha, an experience which reawakens trauma caused by sexual abuse at the hands of an established television writer named Darrien. In the wake of Baby Reindeer’s success, fans have sought to identify the real identities of both Martha and Darrien despite Gadd urging them not to.

On The Rest Is Entertainment, Osman told Hyde that “everyone knows who he is talking about”.

Richard Osman (left) and ‘Baby Reindeer’ star Richard Gadd (Getty/Netflix)
Richard Osman (left) and ‘Baby Reindeer’ star Richard Gadd (Getty/Netflix)

“As you say, there’s a very, very serious thing that happens with a male comedy producer and Richard Gadd, who, as you say, did the show in Edinburgh and has been very open to people in the industry about who that person was, so people in the industry know who that person was,” said Osman.

“Now it comes out now and a completely different person is identified, someone who has produced Richard Gadd before, but is definitively not the person in any way.

“But the person they’ve cast in that role looks like this other guy, looks like the guy who’s been falsely accused. And it’s such a weird, bizarre thing to do because this poor guy has had death threats and he’s had to issue a statement to say it’s not me.

“And it is not him, definitely not because people in the industry know who it is. And it’s definitely not him.”

In a recent message posted on Instagram, Gadd named director and writer Sean Foley as someone “unfairly caught up in speculation” following the show’s release.

“People I love, have worked with, and admire (including Sean Foley) are unfairly caught up in speculation,” he wrote in a Story on Monday (22 April).

“Please don’t speculate on who any of the real-life people could be. That’s not the point of our show. Lots of love, Richard x X.”

Baby Reindeer is streaming now on Netflix.

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