Richard Osman turns down The Jump and slams the show

Richard Osman has turned down a mega-money deal to appear on The Jump - and hit out at the show.

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The Pointless host has been approached by bosses of the winter sports programme to take part in the forthcoming series in January, but has insisted he will never agree to join the Channel 4 show because he claims the format was “100 per cent ripped off” from production giants Endemol, where he is creative director.

Taking to his Twitter account, he said: “Just got asked if I’d consider appearing on The Jump. Considering it was 100% ripped off from an Endemol format it’s a possible no from me.

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"Been working in TV for 25 years, similar ideas swim round all the time ‘The Jump’ is the only time I’ve genuinely felt wronged by others. (sic)”

The 45-year-old presenter didn’t divulge which show he believes The Jump was “ripped off from”.

A representative from Twofour - which produces the popular show - is adamant they didn’t take anyone else’s idea, insisting the show is completely “original”.

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A spokesperson told the Daily Star: “We’re big fans of Richard’s but it’s pointless to suggest The Jump is anything other than an original idea by Twofour.”

The Jump is scheduled to return in three months’ time but it’s thought bosses may be struggling to secure 12 celebrities to take part this time around after more than half were badly injured in the last series, and some are still battling with their aches and pains now.

Beth Tweddle was among those seriously hurt as she broke her back and required months of rehabilitation to help her walk again, while Mark-Francis Vandelli snapped his ankle and needed two operations, and Tina Hobley dislocated her shoulder.