Richie Myler's top three Hull FC in-trays as Director of Rugby dives into new role

The cat is out of the bag with Hull FC confirming Richie Myler as their new Director of Rugby following Hull Live's exclusive over the weekend.

The 33-year-old has signed a three-year contract at the Black and Whites and is now tasked with overseeing and improving all performance related aspects of the club.

It’s a huge task ahead, and one Myler, who has full power to appoint a new head coach and bring in new players, has already been cracking on with behind the scenes. Here, Hull Live looks at his most pressing responsibilities.

Appoint a new head coach

With Tony Smith departing the club last week, Hull FC are currently searching for a new head coach. Adam Pearson has already confirmed that the process started last week with Myler coming up with a three-man shortlist.

In the meantime, Simon Grix, appointed last autumn as Smith's new assistant, will take charge of the side on an interim basis. The Halifax-born coach played with Myler for over five years in their Warrington days and he hasn't been ruled out of getting the job permanently.

But there will be other candidates, and getting the right appointment here who knows all the ins and outs of Super League and is ready to take on a huge job like Hull is crucial. There can be no more room for error with Hull now parting ways with Smith and Brett Hodgson inside the last two years, two coaches who were brought in to oversee a long-term rebuild. The next man in just has to fit the bill.

Sign new players and build a team

Hull are recruiting on two strands: the here and now and next season. It means that who they sign right now might not necessarily be for next season, and vice versa. But what is no secret is that Myler is looking for players to bring in imminently.

After Tex Hoy and Fa’amanu Brown’s departures, Hull have two quota spots available and they intend to fill them; with a half-back and a back rower their top targets. They are also active for domestic acquisitions, whether loan signings, end-of-season deals, or more.

Signing the right type of player on the right deal here is so important, and that's where strategy comes into place. Hull haven't gotten all facets of their recruitment right in recent cycles, something Pearson conceded on the BBC last week. They have to now. Whatever they bring in, both for this season and for the future, has to be the right fit for the club, adding the right qualities and balances.

They have to identify the right players in the key positions to build around. That all ties in with the head coach role, and it shows why appointing the right candidate, with recruitment stepping over the next month, is so important. Get that right, and they can start to build a squad with an identity, and then grow and nurture it with what they have already got, what they will retain, and what comes through the academy.

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The plan

It's not just about appointing a head coach and signing players, Hull need to get their house in order, with every facet of performance reviewed. The club will do just that and are open to bringing in more backroom staff to aid existing members from medical, conditioning and analysts. The hope there will be to reduce injury counts, and recovery periods, and ultimately, keep players available for selection and give them the best preparation they can. Getting those areas right, and in tandem with a new club hub at the university, which will help, is so important.

But above all else, Hull need to outlay now what their plan is over the next three years - the length of Myler's contract. They need to outline what they expect to happen, in terms of growth, what their recruitment strategy is, positional wise, but also age, attributes, etc, and how they intend to complement youth development with what they bring in and build around.

This is still a long-term thing at Hull, nothing has changed there and there is no overnight fix, but improvement can become much quicker with the right strategy and backing. That's the desired goals, with Myler's challenge now to make it all a reality.

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