Rick Ross' Neighbors Annoyed As His Buffalo Escapes

Rapper Rick Ross’ neighbors are annoyed with him as various animals from his ranch in Georgia keep escaping into their yards. Horses, cows and a pair of buffalo keep escaping Ross’ ranch and an unnamed woman told TMZ that they crossed onto her lawn twice. The woman said she was scared for the safety of her two children. She also shared a video with TMZ which showed a group of people trying to get two buffalo and a cow off her lawn. In an Instagram story, Ross said the animals are “just grazers, they are not meat eaters” and they escaped as he was doing work on the property. He then urged people to feed his buffalo if they seem them as they are “kind” and “peaceful” animals. Ross was gifted the buffalo by his friend Darius Burton for a recent birthday. Burton wanted to get him “something nobody in [his] state has” and opted for a Buffalo after realizing that Ross “wasn’t ready” to own a giraffe.