Right-wing internet personality turns out not to exist - she’s a Russian fake

Rob Waugh
Alt-right Twitter blogger Jenna Abrams unmasked as creation of Russian ‘troll factory’

‘Jenna Abrams’ was the darling of the alt-right, and her pithy Tweets were quoted by everyone from USA Today to the Washington Post.

But there was just one problem: she didn’t exist.

Congressional investigators confirmed that ‘Jenna Abrams’ – who had Tweeted on everything from Kim Kardashian to racial segregation – was actually run via a ‘troll farm’ in St Petersburg, the Daily Beast reported.


The account – which at one point had 70,000 followers – has now been suspended.

‘Abrams’ began Tweeting in 2014, starting out with comments on celebrities, but then producing highly controversial right-wing pieces, such as Medium blog on segregation.

‘Abrams’ wrote, ‘Humanity has gone full circle.. Never mind how many activists of any color died to get rid of segregation, and fought for inclusion, black people want it back. 100 percent free people made their choice, and their choice is segregation.’