Rihanna teases new album

Rihanna teased her long-awaited new album - dubbed R9 by fans - during a red carpet appearance on the weekend.

Asked about the follow-up to 2016's Anti, the singer told Extra, "It's gonna be amazing. It has to be - that is the only reason it's not out yet.

"If I'm not feeling it and I'm not feeling like it represents the evolution, the time I spent away. There should be a show of growth, right?"

Appearing at the launch of her new Fenty Beauty Soft'lit Foundation in Los Angeles, she continued, "I want to play, and I feel like music is a playground, and I want to have fun with it and show truly where I am at."

When asked if R9 would feature any special guests, Rihanna admitted, "I'm not a big collaborator... It has to be very intentional, so I'll know when I have the record."

Rihanna's latest comments come more than a year after she said - while promoting her Super Bowl Halftime Show - that she expected the album to arrive in 2023.

"I want it to be this year. Like, honestly, it'd be ridiculous if it's not this year," the singer said in February 2023.

"But I just want to have fun. I just want to make music and make videos."

Just a week and a half ago, Rihanna shared with Entertainment Tonight, "I already got stuff that I feel like I could make hits out of."

She referred to her work in progress as "so good".