Rihanna Wore A Stunning Diamond Ring On Her Toe And It's Everything

Rihanna shines bright like a diamond from her head down to her toes.

The “We Found Love” singer showed off a gorgeous diamond ring ― which she wore on the third toe of one of her feet ― on her TikTok page earlier this week.

The 38-second video, captioned “quiet luxury,” starts with a shot of the entertainer’s feet before she begins walking.

Scott Friedman, a master gemologist appraiser at the International Gemological Institute, told HuffPost more about the accessory on Friday.

“Judging by the photos, the stone itself appears to be a classic pear brilliant cut diamond, weighing around 15-20 carats,” Friedman estimated, adding that it is “set in a classic solitaire setting, most likely using platinum metal.”

A closer look at the diamond ring Rihanna was wearing on her toe.
A closer look at the diamond ring Rihanna was wearing on her toe.

A closer look at the diamond ring Rihanna was wearing on her toe.

Rihanna captioned the video “Quiet luxury.” The popular term and trend are often used to describe a type of dress and lifestyle that members of the 1% typically employ.

The descriptor ― also synonymous with stealth wealth ― has become more popular lately because of the HBO hit “Succession.”

On the show, characters that embody quiet luxury typically shun clothing or accessories with loud, designer labels and opt for lowkey displays of wealth that only other members of their class would recognize.

“So-called ‘quiet luxury’ is so much more than a passing trend; it’s a lifestyle,” Chris Reid, head designer at Carl Friedrik, told HuffPost earlier this year. “Born out of subtlety, the style is softer than minimalism but has a more polished look than other style trends, like normcore, for example.”

Rihanna appears to be winking at the term while also starting a “toe ring revolution” amongst her fans, according to her TikTok comments.

“Rihanna rocks a toe ring, so I went out and bought a toe ring,” one commenter said.

“And on that day, a toe ring revolution began,” another added.

Others pointed out that the singer might’ve been announcing her engagement ― or wearing what they wish was their engagement ring.

“She said YES!” one fan joked, while another wrote: “Not the queen wearing most peoples DREAAM ENGAGEMENT RING on her little toe... not even the big toe 🥲.”