The rise of the celebrity throuple: How Brooklyn, Nicola and Selena are hopping on the trend

The entire world is torn over whether Selena Gomez’s very intense new relationship with Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz is exactly that - a relationship - or if it’s just an inexplicably close friendship.

Here’s what we know: the Gomez/Peltz/Beckham (Gopeltzham) trio were first pictured getting close in November when Nicola Peltz posted a video to Instagram of them hanging out with a bunch of mates and Brooklyn treating them all to one of his trademark chef’s delights.

Since then, things have escalated pretty quickly and the threesome are rarely seen apart. They went on holiday together in December and posted a series of cuddly shots of them getting cosy on a yacht - including one Selena Gomez literally captioned “Just call us a throuple” and another where Selena’s outstretched hand is resting on Nicola’s crotch (okay).

Gomez and Peltz wore matching Valentino mini dresses to New Years Eve (girlfriends?) but the same Instagram post revealed a long video of Peltz kissing her husband, Brooklyn Beckham, as the clock struck midnight (not girlfriends?).

Gomez and Peltz getting kissy on their trip away with Brooklyn Beckham and pals (Instgram/SelenaGomez)
Gomez and Peltz getting kissy on their trip away with Brooklyn Beckham and pals (Instgram/SelenaGomez)

Then, to make things even more confusing, the married couple have apparently “moved in” with Gomez, and Peltz and Gomez revealed that they now have matching tattoos, despite what seems like a very short lived “friendship.”

I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time Peltz and Beckham have been surprisingly liberal, or subverted relationship norms - after all, Brooklyn Beckham made the unusually feminist move of taking Peltz’ surname (double barrelled) when they married, though due to sheer ease no one ever seems to use it apart from him.

 (Selena Gomez/Instagram)
(Selena Gomez/Instagram)

If this “throuple” is indeed what it says on the tin, Hollywood won’t be as shocked as you’d expect. Firstly, stranger things have happened in Hollywood (much stranger, perhaps more so than any of us want to know about). And secondly, Hollywood is starting to warm to throuples.

Once only an activity for the young, debauched and extremely online (Tana Mongeau, Bella Thorne and Mod Sun) or... kinda sleazy (Charlie Sheen, Bree Olsen and Natalie Kenly - both women were 24 at the time, he was 46), the throuple is now becoming chic.

Brooklyn and Nicola are one of the hottest It Couples of the moment, and Selena Gomez has been taking over the world recently with her widely praised appearance in hit TV series Only Murders In The Building, in which she aptly dates another alleged ménage à trois fan, Cara Delevingne.

Taika Waititi and Rita Ora have been credited with ‘normalising’ the throuple (Doug Peters/PA) (PA Archive)
Taika Waititi and Rita Ora have been credited with ‘normalising’ the throuple (Doug Peters/PA) (PA Archive)

Recall the threeway kiss that was papped between Taika Waititi, Rita Ora and Tessa Mae Thompson back in 2021? It weirdly gave the off-kilter couple some street cred and was praised as ‘helping to normalise the throuple’ dynamic. Admittedly, this is mainly thanks to the sheer likeability of Tessa Thompson, but the same could be said for Gopeltzham.

Peltz and Beckham often feel a little bit over the top, out of touch and overly saccharine on their own, but they have been brought down to earth by the likeable Gomez, and if you ask us - they work better as a three.

Could we be entering the golden age of Hollywood throuples? Three’s a crowd looks to be dead and gone, and it’s 2023 after all - long live the throuple.