Rita Ora returns to her homeland Kosovo for 'emotional' project away from music

Rita Ora has been filming an emotional documentary credit:Bang Showbiz
Rita Ora has been filming an emotional documentary credit:Bang Showbiz

Rita Ora is making a documentary about the "underground culture" of the youth in Kosovo.

The 33-year-old pop star currently lives in London with her husband Taika Waititi but is originally from the Southeast European country and revealed she is now shooting a documentary that will focus on the younger population of the country.

She told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I am in the middle of shooting a documentary about the underground culture of the kids [in Kosovo]. Sixty per cent of our population is under the age of 35 which is super-young.

"It shows there is so much anger and frustration going on underneath all of the restraints that we have had to see in the ­history of our country."

The 'Anywhere' hitmaker went on to explain that whenever she has flown over to Kosovo for filming, she is looked at in an "other-worldly" sense and while she has been able to achieve her dreams, she struggles to connect with those in her home country who have "lost hope" amid is controversial political status.

She said: “I have been working with producers who are really passionate about Kosovo and where I am from. Doing music and being outspoken is definitely controversial.

"I go there and they look at me other-worldly. Like it is not a real thing to them but the hope of just being able to do something that is what I do.

“I do the job of my dreams but I have worked my a*** off to get where I am, but when I go back I still can’t connect the dots of that little bit of hope that they have lost.

“It was emotional for me."