Rita Simons teases that her EastEnders character Roxy Mitchell may not be dead

The actor pointed out that nobody ever saw a body

Watch: Rita Simons says her EastEnders character may not be dead

Rita Simons has teased that her EastEnders character Roxy Mitchell may not be dead after all.

The character apparently drowned alongside her sister Ronnie (Samantha Womack) six years ago, which upset fans of the BBC soap at the time.

But she put in a surprise appearance on Thursday (27 April) when she appeared to her daughter Amy (Ellie Dadd) as a vision in a therapy session, and Simons has now pointed out that nobody ever saw her body.

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"I was asked to go back not as a ghost," she said on Good Morning Britain.

"Not as a ghost. And I said, right if I am a ghost I am not doing it, I am not doing it."

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 24:  Rita Simons attends the British Soap Awards at Hackney Empire on May 24, 2014 in London, England.  (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)
Rita Simons teased that Roxy may be alive. (UK Press via Getty Images)

Simons said Roxy was a figment of Amy's imagination but teased: "That doesn't make me a ghost."

Host Kate Garraway pointed out that there was no funeral scene after Roxy died.

Asked if she could go back, Simons said: "I could come back because you didn't see my body."

But she said while she did the special appearance for fans, she wasn't sure whether she would return to Albert Square on a permanent basis.

She also refused to be drawn on rumours she may be joining another soap

"All I will say for now is I have left it so that the public finally understand that Roxy may not be dead so in the future who knows?" she said.

EastEnders: Samantha Womack admits that she's 'broken' after Ronnie Mitchell's death
Ronnie and Roxy apparently died in 2017. (BBC)

The emotional scenes this week saw Amy asking her mum where she was and whether she loved her.

Roxy reassured Amy of how much she loved her and said she was with her, in her heart.

Moved viewers loved seeing the fan favourite back in Walford.

"Bring #Roxy back perm!" one tweeted. "We all miss her character."

EastEnders fans think Roxy Mitchell is still alive
EastEnders fans want Roxy back in the soap. (BBC)

"Just find a way to bring Roxy and Ronnie back ffs," said another viewer.

One posted: "#EastEnders did a brilliant job in bringing Roxy back. Now we need Ronnie too!!! We’re all willing to go with the fact that they 'faked their deaths'. Need the iconic Mitchell duo back!!!!!"

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Somebody else said: "No matter how absurd they make it. We will believe it and not question it. BRING ROXY AND RONNIE BACK."

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