RNLI crews scrambled to lifeboat rescue left scratching their heads after boarding ship

The lifeboat before RNLI crews boarded
The lifeboat before RNLI crews boarded -Credit:RNLI Morecambe

Rescue crews were scrambled to help a stricken vessel which had been spotted floating in Morecambe Bay yesterday (April 10).

There had been reports of a lifeboat drifting into the Heysham Channel, and that people were aboard. A call came in to Morecambe RNLI shortly after 2pm.

As heavy rain and wind battered Morecambe Bay, a crew was launched with three volunteer team members. The lifeboat was located and boarded by the rescue crew.


But following a search of the vessel, it was found abandoned. An inshore rescue lifeboat stayed with the craft to enable other incoming boats to make safe passage through Heysham Channel.

In total, the operation took just under two hours.

A spokesperson for RNLI Morecambe said: "On Wednesday, April 10 at 2.07pm, Morecambe RNLI volunteers were called to service to reports of a ships lifeboat drifting into the Heysham Channel with possible persons on board.

"The inshore rescue lifeboat (ILB) launched with 3 volunteer crew members on board and headed to the area. The ships lifeboat was located, the vessel was searched and no persons were found on board. The ILB stayed with the ships lifeboat to enable incoming vessels to safely make passage into Heysham Harbour alongside Heysham Pilot Boat.

"The ILB and its volunteer crew members returned to station at 3.45pm and prepared the craft for her next call to service. Again, If you see anything suspicious within Morecambe Bay, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard "