Road-rage driver caught losing his rag in dashcam footage

An irate driver has been hit with a big fine and a whopping nine points on his licence after a serious road-rage incident. The man was caught on dashcam driving erratically and exiting his car in what looks like an attempt to stop and confront the driver following him.

Footage supplied by Avon and Somerset Police shows the driver's vehicle halting abruptly. He then pokes his head out of the driver's side window to remonstrate with the driver of vehicle behind, clearly not knowing that his actions are all being caught on dashcam.

He then stops again just past a junction before driving off, weaving sharply from side to side. After pulling over to the side of the road, the careless driver leaves his car and gesticulates angrily at the driver behind, leaving his car door open.

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Avon and Somerset Roads Policing Unit said: "Last week, a man was convicted of careless driving at Bath Magistrates’ Court. His behaviour resulted in a £440 fine and nine points on his licence. Thanks to dashcam footage submitted by a member of the public we were able to achieve a positive outcome."

The arrest was part of Operation Snap, a nationwide drive to make it easier for drivers to submit video and photographic evidence of poor driving to the police. It deals with traffic offences rather than road-traffic collisions or public order offences while parking offences should be referred to the local highway authority, officers are at pains to point out.