Roadside memorial for teen crash victim stolen

An entire roadside memorial for a teenager killed in a car crash near Cochrane has been stolen.

Brandon Thomas, 16, was killed in December when his Suburu was hit by a pickup truck on Highway 22 just south of the southern Alberta town.

Mourners put up a large white cross with Brandon's name at the crash site. It was covered in trinkets, flowers and pieces of memorabilia and toys from his childhood.

Now it's missing. His mother Kim Thomas wants the items returned.

“This is stuff, but it’s still heartbreaking,” she said. “We don't care who you are, we just want the stuff back. It’s important. It was given in love. Some of it was Brandon’s that I will never have again. Bring it out here. Leave it out here. We’ll pick it up."

RCMP are investigating, but aren't sure about motivation. Family and friends put a replacement memorial back at the crash site Monday.

The driver of the truck that hit the teen's Suburu faces numerous charges, including impaired driving causing death.