Robbie William plans TV talent show

Robbie Williams plans TV show credit:Bang Showbiz
Robbie Williams plans TV show credit:Bang Showbiz

Robbie Williams has an idea for a TV talent show.

The 'Rock DJ' hitmaker - who was a judge on the 15th and final series of 'The X Factor' in 2018 alongside wife Ayda Field, Simon Cowell and Louis Tomlinson - claimed he is ready to pitch a competition series that has "never been seen before", as well as writing a dark comedy programme too.

He told Andrew Gold on his 'On The Edge' podcast: “I’ve written a TV show which is a dark comedy.

“And I’ve come up with this idea for a talent show that’s sort of never been seen before, in a different way.”

While the former Take That singer has been marking 25 years as a solo artist with his 'XXV' tour, he's been keeping busy in many other ways too.

He said: “I’m currently drawing and making these funny cartoons… well, I think they’re funny – I’ve got six or seven hundred of them.

“And I had my first exhibition at Sotheby’s.

“There’s 100 songs on my computer that nobody’s ever heard. That’s like the vault. That’s the addictive nature.”

The 48-year-old singer - who has battled various addictions but has been sober for 22 years - believes he can do "great things" when he finds an outlet for his energy.

He said: "If I can channel it, I can do great things with it.

“For example, I’ve started walking. I have an iWatch, and I do 25,000 steps a day because I get addicted to walking.”

Back in 2020, Robbie claimed he had ideas for five TV shows in the works, though it's not known if the comedy series or talent show were among them.

He said: "There is a new avenue that I am moving into - TV. I am very, very excited about it.

"I hope we go back to normal soon because I have got so many TV ideas that I wanna do a myriad, a smorgasbord.

"There is literally so many. I have got five in the works right now. It is such an early stage I daren't talk about it."