Robbie Williams' biggest showbiz feuds

The singer has fallen out with a few fellow stars over the years

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 01: Robbie Williams attends the Robbie Williams documentary launch event at The London Film Museum on November 01, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)
Robbie Williams at the launch event for his documentary. (Getty Images)

Robbie Williams said he has “some scores to settle” as he unveiled his new documentary - and there could be a few of them.

The outspoken star has been involved in a few showbiz rows over the years, locking horns with the likes of Oasis and old bandmate Gary Barlow.

Now happily married to wife Ayda Field and a father of four, Williams’ wilder days are behind him.

But his new four-part Netflix docu-series is churning up all the old tales. We have a look at some of his feuds over the years.

Gary Barlow

British singers Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow performs at the Help for Heroes concert at Twickenham Stadium in London on Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010. (AP Photo/Mark Allan)
Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow on stage together. (AP)

Williams and Gary Barlow seemed to rub along together just fine in Take That.

However, there were rumours of trouble behind the scenes and after Williams left the boy band in 1995 at the height of their fame, there was a question mark over whether he chose to leave or if the decision was pretty much made for him.

The relationship between Williams and Barlow certainly took a bitter turn and once he was out of Take That, Williams didn’t hide his feelings about the band.

He was quoted as saying he didn’t like their music and branded Barlow "clueless" in an interview with Attitude magazine.

Williams and Barlow both went on to have solo careers and the gloves were well and truly off.

But although Williams would go onto have massive solo success - it was Barlow who landed the first solo number one, topping the UK chart with Forever Love in 1996.

Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow Heroes Concert held at Twickenham Stadium. London, England - 12.09.10
The pair were at loggerheads for years. (PA Images/Alamy)

As he carved out his solo career - Williams went on to have a string of hits, with tracks like Angels and Let Me Entertain You.

But he continued to hit out at Barlow and was quoted as saying in the programme Take That: Look Back, Don't Stare: "My problem has always been with Gary. It was always with Gary. I wanted to crush him. I wanted to crush the memory of the band - and I didn't let go. You know, even when he was down, I didn't let go."

There were attempts to make up, and in 2018 Barlow said on ITV’s Lorraine that they were “in the best place we’ve ever been”.

The Mirror later quoted him as saying: “Living with that kind of feud isn’t right. The Chat was like an exorcism.”

The pair have since performed together and the hatchet seems to be well and truly buried.


Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher from Oasis. 29/08/1995 Picture: EMPICS Entertainment
Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher in 1995. (EMPICS Entertainment)

Williams was friends with Liam and his brother Noel after leaving Take That but that all changed when Noel referred to him as a “fat dancer from Take That”.

Their friendship soon broke down and during a stage appearance, Williams called Noel "a mean-spirited nasty little dwarf".

According to showbiz lore, when Oasis released Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants in 2000, Williams cheekily sent them a funeral wreath.

Things stepped up at the Brits that year, when Williams even challenged Liam to a fight.

“A hundred grand of your money, a hundred grand of my money,” he said. “We’ll get in the ring and we’ll have a fight.”

Robbie Williams and noel gallagher at Glastonbury 1995
Robbie Williams' friendship with Noel Gallagher didn't last long. (PA Images/Alamy)

This particular feud rumbled on forever, with all three of the stars hurling the odd jibe.

Just last year, Williams claimed that the Gallaghers “were gigantic bullies” back in the day.

Speaking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, he went on: “They’re probably different people now but there’s a lot of me that’s like, ‘They’re f****** bullies, them. I don’t like bullies’.”

Liam later responded on X, posting: “I’ve never bullied anyone in my life I’m a massive p*** taker for sure and probably gone a little too far sometimes but if I’ve ever hurt anyone’s feelings I apologise.”

Led Zeppelin

Williams’ beef with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page stems from the fact they are neighbours.

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall to speak out against a planning application he believes will harm his home. It involves a long running feud with neighbour Robbie Williams. Page believes the development would threaten the future of his Grade-I listed gothic townhouse.  Featuring: Jimmy Page Where: London, England, United Kingdom When: 29 May 2018 Credit: Wheatley/WENN
Robbie Williams was in a long running feud with neighbour Jimmy Page. (Wheatley/WENN)

The star moved in next door to the rocker in London in 2013 and they clashed over Williams’ plans to develop the property.

Williams made it clear he wanted to build a basement swimming pool but Zeppelin objected to the plans.

In 2018, Williams won a five-year battle when he got conditional approval for the pool.

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Netflix's four-part Robbie Williams documentary will be released on Wednesday, 8 November.