Robbie Williams hit with case of ‘January blues’

Robbie Williams is suffering the ‘January blues’.

The former Take That singer, 49, says he feels like he is marooned in a “blank space” and told fans he has been waking up thinking he has Covid.

He posted on Instagram: “I’m in one of those periods where every email I have to get back to feels like homework that won't get done until I’m on the bus to school.

“Every social engagement feels undoable and everything, except staying in bed, feels impossible.

“The thing is I’m not unhappy, I’m not depressed, and all is good. I’m not even ‘meh’. I’m just in a very nice blank space.”

He added about feeling like he needs to get vanish to get refreshed and enjoy time with his wife Ayda and their children: “A reset I guess. They happen now and then. I disappear. Because I have to. Some friends get it, some friends don’t.

“The friends that don’t, Well, it was nice to know them. I can’t be in trouble for needing to shut down.

“All I wanna do is watch TV with Ayda and the kids and do the Comment Section Cup.

“All of those things make me happy.”

Robbie, who has spent years battling addictions to drugs and food as well as mental health illnesses, also asked his fans: “Anyone else waking up feeling like they’ve either got Covid or a cold but then an hour later you know you haven’t? “But then you spend the rest of the day really effing tired and a bit grumpy? What gives?”