Robbie Williams left distraught as he goes unrecognised in London

Robbie Williams has shared his disappointment over the fact he can walk around London without being recognised.

The 50-year-old singer has enjoyed huge success as a member of Take That and as a solo artist - and has sold over 75 million records worldwide.

But he appeared concerned that his star power has worn off as he walked through Hyde Park in the British capital on Sunday without being recognised.

Wife Ayda Field filmed the singer looking less than pleased as they walked home from dining out together, with Rob shown complaining, "This is very concerning.

"We are walking back through Hyde Park. I am dressed completely in pink. I have got pink sneakers on. I have got diamanté sunglasses and absolutely nobody has recognised me or has bothered me, and I really need them to."

He added, "It was not like this in the Nineties."

Ayda continued to film as Robbie reclined on the grass and said hello to people passing by, but the members of the public still did not recognise him.

On Tuesday, however, the husband and wife took to the streets of Kensington to see if any fans would recognise him there.

Wearing a vest top with his name emblazoned on the back, the Let Me Entertain You singer was delighted when fans lined up to request selfies with him.

Ayda shared the footage on her Instagram grid writing that the star was "back in the game".