Robin Roberts on Being “Afraid” to Come Out Due to Her Religion: “They Think You Can’t Be Gay and a Christian”

Robin Roberts is opening up about being “afraid” at one point to come out publicly due to her religion.

The media personality admitted on a recent episode of Jamie Kern Lima’s podcast that while her Good Morning America colleagues were aware of her sexuality prior to coming out publicly in 2013, she still feared public acknowledgment could negatively impact the ABC show.

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“It’s not the Robin Roberts Show, it’s Good Morning America, and there are so many people whose livelihoods depend on the success of our show,” she said. “And so, if I do something that hurts the show, that hurts them.”

Roberts explained that she “wasn’t trying to hide” her sexuality or wife Amber Laign, noting she “would walk down the street with Amber and if somebody saw us, I would introduce her.” But she wasn’t necessarily ready to “fully” come out at the time.

The GMA co-host added that her hesitations to come out publicly also derived from being a Christian.

“I was afraid,” she said. “People, they think you can’t be gay and a Christian, and I am. I am. I was so fearful that I would be shunned.”

However, when she received “a beautiful letter” from the National Office of the Presbyterian Church after coming out, Roberts admitted she was surprised at how “fully supportive” they were.

“I think about all those years I wasted, worried — needless worry,” she explained. “And we all are guilty of this. Think about all these things that we worry about that never come to fruition. And we just spend all of this energy on that.

“But also, I had to believe this was right on time,” Roberts continued. “This was the time in my life that was right. It felt good. And I can’t even imagine now people not knowing everything about me. And you know what’s so freeing about it also? It’s like, ‘Bring it on. You know everything about me. And I have nothing to hide.’ And to still be embraced, I am blessed and highly favored. And I’m so grateful.”

Roberts and Laign tied the knot in September 2023 following an 18-year relationship.

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