Robin Roberts Reveals She Broke Her Wrist Playing Tennis After ‘Good Morning America’ Absence

Robin Roberts fractured her wrist while playing tennis, the Good Morning America host revealed on Tuesday’s edition of the ABC morning show.

“I took a tumble on the tennis court and fractured my wrist,” Roberts said in a backstage video posted to social media Tuesday morning. She had been off of GMA on Monday, with ABC News’ Linsey Davis filling in.

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The anchor continued, “All my years being a competitive athlete, [and it’s] my first fracture. Hopefully, my last one as well.”

She captioned her post, “Good Morning! Playing a little hurt this morning but Glam Fam and I would still like to share with you our #tuesdaythoughts #cmon.”

At the top of Tuesday’s show after teasing a later segment about the growing popularity of the tennis-like padel sport, George Stephanopoulos gave Roberts some light ribbing over her fracture. “I don’t want you to get upset seeing that tennis on the screen. I know you had a little spill this weekend,” he quipped.

Mimicking her tennis moves, Roberts joked back, “Oh, no no. You should’ve seen the other guy! I mean, I tried to uppercut.” She added, “Maybe I’ll take up padel. Maybe that’ll be my sport.”

When Stephanopoulos asked how she was feeling following the tennis accident, Roberts said she could not “confirm or deny” being on pain medication but was “seeing rainbows.”

At the end of the padel segment, Roberts also indicated that she got hurt because she fell while still holding her racket. “If you have the racket and you fall, drop the racket or this could happen,” she advised.

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