Rochelle Humes issues important 'mental health' statement and says 'together'

Rochelle Humes has told fans "we've got this" in the wake of stepping out as a Mental Health Awareness Week ambassador for Marks and Spencer. The ITV This Morning star is a mum-of-three and shares her three kids with husband JLS star Marvin.

"This week is mental health awareness week, and as an M&S Food and YoungMinds partnership ambassador I am excited to announce that M&S are now donating 5p from every Farmhouse loaf to YoungMinds to help more young people feel supported with their mental health," Rochelle said.

"As a mum I feel passionately about the work YoungMinds is doing to support young people and adults in their lives. Getting the conversation started is the first step, and this bread is a reminder in kitchens all over the country to get talking."

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She added as she signed off on Instagram: "Together we’ve got this." In reply, a fan said: "Your jeans look like they should fall down any second but somehow aren't." A second said: "I just can’t get over how those jeans haven’t fallen down." A third said: "You should’ve got the m&s ambassador role instead of molly mae."

"You need some smaller jeans," another said. "That’s going straight in my basket," wrote another. "Gives me another reason to treat myself to @marksandspencerfood Great initiative," another commented. "This is brilliant!! As someone with mental health issues and kids with mental health issues this is just brilliant," another said.

Bindi wrote: "Soft golden wholemeal farmhouse is the best! So glad they are supporting young minds charity." And another asked: "Helping young people and raising mental health awareness is something that i am passionate about..

"How can I be part of this project?" Another said: "ambassador & ma thanks for pushing & advocating ... #fanlove even more #togetherwegotthis we so got this."