The Rock Has Three Things He Wants To Accomplish After Signing New Deal With Disney, And Dole Whip And Tequila Are Involved

 Dwayne Johnson in The Jungle Cruise.
Credit: Disney

The Rock has invaded the House of Mouse. The list of upcoming Dwayne Johnson movies already includes a pair of upcoming Disney movies, with the animated Moana 2 and the live-action Moana adaptation, but Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions has signed a new development deal with Disney that will see the production company develop even more for the studio in the coming years. However, it appears The Rock has his sights set on taking over more than just Disney’s movie screens, he’s looking at moving into the Disney Parks and even the Disney Cruise Line.

In a post on Instagram announcing the new partnership between Disney and Seven Bucks, The Rock, only somewhat jokingly, indicated he’d like to assist Disney in bringing even more of The Rock to Disneyland and Disney World. His ideas include making The Rock’s massive cheat meals available in restaurants and adding his own Teremana Tequila to the famous Dole Whip soft-serve dessert. Honestly, I’m ready to buy one right now.

Dwayne Johnson admits at the end of the post that he’s just having some fun. None of these things are part of the new deal with Disney, so they may not happen. However, they’re also far from impossible. Teremana Tequila is already widely available at Walt Disney World. My first time trying The Rock’s tequila was at the Polynesian Resort. You’ll also find it at Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion as part of La Cava del Tequila. Seeing it added to Dole Whip wouldn’t even be that tough. Spiked Dole Whip is already available though it's usually done with rum.

Some of the other stuff that Dwayne Johnson advocates for here is probably a bit less likely, but it would still be interesting. People have tried to eat like The Rock before and discovered that it largely can’t be done. But you know there would be people who would love to try and devour a Dwayne Johnson cheat meal in one sitting. That could be put on the menu and even though the sheer amount of food would likely make the price significant, people would buy it.

The Rock’s third item on his wish list, turning Iron Paradise (the name for his gym) into an offering on Disney Cruise Line, is a really interesting idea. The fitness centers on Disney’s current ships are part of the spa, and thus the vibe generally found in them is one of a more relaxing workout than what we’ve seen Dwayne Johnson do in his workouts, but that doesn’t mean a future ship, and there are several on the way, couldn’t have a hardcore workout space.

What we’re far more likely to see as a result of the new production deal between Seven Bucks and Disney are movies and streaming series produced by Dwayne Johnson. The sequel to Jungle Cruise which was announced years ago may get put on the fast track. Perhaps new seasons of Behind the Attraction on Disney+ could happen, as Johnson produced the previous ones as well. And if we get a Dole Whip with tequila in it out of the deal, so much the better.