Roger Daltrey: I’m grateful to have received my coronavirus jab

The Who star Roger Daltrey says he is “grateful” to have received his coronavirus jab.

The singer, 77, who is also patron of the Teenage Cancer Trust, had the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“I haven’t had blood clots and I haven’t got horns growing out of my head. I’m really grateful,” he told Good Morning Britain.

AstraZeneca has insisted its coronavirus vaccine is safe, after concern around blood clots prompted Ireland to become the latest European country to suspend use of the jabs.

Daltrey also spoke about attempting to raise funds after 14 Teenage Cancer Trust gigs were cancelled amid the pandemic, which he said was a “huge hit to the charity’s revenue”.

Performances from over the years, from Ed Sheeran to The Cure, have been streamed on YouTube in an attempt to raise money.

“We asked people who are watching it to donate the price of a cup of coffee,” Daltrey said.

“YouTube will get millions of hits and if everybody donated a cup of coffee, it will solve our problem.

“But sadly a lot of internet users, they want it all for free, that’s a problem.

“We’re doing everything we can. We’ve got some other ideas we’re working on.”

Daltrey told the ITV show: “I don’t think it’s going to be long before things will be back (to normal). This disease is changing quite rapidly.

“It’s falling off a cliff with numbers. The numbers don’t quite add up now to the damage that lockdown is causing.”

He said of the toll that the pandemic is taking on young cancer patients: “It’s been incredibly difficult this year because of the distancing, isolation in hospital.

“People not allowed to go in, teenagers with cancer have been suffering.”

Sir David Attenborough, Sir Ian McKellen, Dolly Parton, Prue Leith, Michael Eavis, Phillip Schofield and Arnold Schwarzenegger are among the other celebrities who have been vaccinated.