Romesh Ranganathan offended sister-in-law by insulting her Christmas gift on TV

The comedian confessed he took a present from his sister-in-law on TV as an example of the worst gift he had ever received.

Romesh Ranganathan hosts The Weakest Link
Romesh Ranganathan upset his sister-in-law by trashing her Christmas gift on national television. (BBC)

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Romesh Ranganathan has revealed he upset his sister-in-law by branding her Christmas present 'the worst gift he had ever received' on national television.

Ranganathan confessed he literally "trashed" a gift from his sister-in-law on Taskmaster because he didn't think she would ever watch the show. But now he is convinced he has hurt her feelings.

What, how and why?

Romesh Ranganathan is the host of The Weakest Link (BBC/Alan Peebles)
Romesh Ranganathan is the host of The Weakest Link (BBC)

The stand-up comedian and father-of-three appeared on The One Show to discuss his new live tour. But he admitted to hosts Lauren Laverne and Jermaine Jenas that taking inspiration from his real life to make jokes has started to cause problems for him.

Ranganathan explained: "I was doing a show, Taskmaster, and we had to select prizes that we'd lose if we didn't win the show. And they said 'Bring in your worst present that you've ever received.' And I just forget it's being televised.

"So I brought in this snow globe my sister-in-law got me. She'd done this Christmas snow globe and she'd photoshopped Santa hats onto me and the kids and gave it to me. And I brought it into the show and said, 'This is like trash.' Anyway, I didn't know Taskmaster was going to be that big, I had no idea! It was the first series.

"The next time they came round they said,'You said you liked that globe'. They gave me another globe the following Christmas to pretend they were joking, but I could tell it hurt." Laverne and Jenas visibly cringed and hid their faces in their hands, groaning, as they listened to the awkward story.

What else has got Romesh Ranganathan in trouble?

Watch: Romesh Ranganathan ‘in trouble’ with parents at his children’s school

The Weakest Link presenter recently revealed how his stand-up routine has got him into trouble with school parents after admitting he doesn't care about other people's children. The stand-up comedian told This Morning that the anecdotes he used about real life in his live tour have been landing him in hot water.

Ranganathan admitted: "I have got into trouble in the past, when I go to drop the kids off at soft play, parents come and talk to me and I have said on stage, 'I don't care about other people's children, I'm just there for mine'.

"And then I went to a kid's birthday party and these parents came up and said, 'we'd tell you how we were doing Romesh, but you clearly don't care.' Lisa (his wife) never watches me, she's just like what have you said now. What's the new thing you've done that means we're socially cut off. It's supposed to be a fun career."

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