Romy Mars Is a Pop Singer Now

Romy Mars Is a Pop Singer Now

Just a few days after walking the Cannes red carpet with her grandfather Francis Ford Coppola, Romy Mars is launching her career as a pop singer.

Romy, the daughter of filmmaker Sofia Coppola and musician Thomas Mars (born Thomas Croquet), dropped two singles: "Stuck Up" and "From a Distance." The EP, also titled Stuck Up, was produced by Claud, and the cover art shows Romy with a snorkeling mask. The songs are available on all major music streaming platforms, including Spotify:

Coppola promoted the music on her Instagram account, writing, "So proud of Romy’s first 2 songs out today! Thank you to Claud for producing @claud.mp3," coupled with a photo of her daughter on an orange moped:

Claud then shared Coppola's post to their story, adding a celebratory emoji.

The news has already begun to go viral online, with some taking to X (formerly Twitter) to praise Romy's ambitions as a nepo baby. "i support nepotism when it comes to romy mars," one person wrote. Another added, "It’s Romy Mars’ world and we are just living in it."

Writer Emma de Matteo posted, "texting everyone i know that romy mars released an ep," and Alyssa Vingan wrote joked she was "Giving Romy Mars, Gracie Abrams, and Willow Smith top billing at my personal Nepochella."

After Romy's TikTok went viral last year with a video about being grounded for trying to charter a helicopter to visit her camp friend, she has not been on social media in a public way. Her mom Sofia commented "We were raised to be so private, and social media is so the opposite of how I grew up. So it was the best way for her to be rebellious." She added, "I got lots of compliments on her filmmaking. And comedy. She’s funny. But people discussing my parenting publicly is not what I would’ve hoped for."

As of this writing, Romy has not rejoined TikTok to promote her new music (yet).

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