Ronnie O'Sullivan hailed for 'the greatest bit of sportsmanship in any sport EVER' against Stuart Bingham

Ronnie O'Sullivan was hailed for 'the greatest bit of sportsmanship' ever seen in ANY sport after an incredible bit of fair play against Stuart Bingham in the World Championship quarter-final.

The Rocket was down 14 points in the 12th frame of their quarter-final, which he led 6-5, when it fell into a bizarre deadlock. After O'Sullivan potted the black, the white ball ended up so near the black spot that it could only just be respotted in its usual position. Referee Desislava Bozhilova placed it but O'Sullivan was convinced the black ball had rocked off its spot.

He asked the official to respot it several times but was adamant he shouldn't have had a clear sighting of the red he was aiming for, if the black was placed correctly. O'Sullivan then offered Bingham the chance to come and look for himself, but his opponent refused.

His fellow pro Neil Robertson was on commentary and he said: "Ronnie's the type of character where he thinks even if the black isn't on its spot, he wouldn't want to gain an advantage. It's such an unusual situation where it's all down to whether or not the black is rocking on and off its spot."

When O'Sullivan finally agreed to take the shot, he had a clear sight of the red. But because he felt he shouldn't have been able to, he played the safety anyway - as if he had snookered himself. And as he took that shot, Robertson said: "If he plays safe here, that will be the greatest bit of sportsmanship I've ever seen in any sport. Unbelievable, that is incredible."

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