Rosalynn Carter’s Strawberry Cake Recipe Is Shared Following Her Death: 'A Carter Family Favorite'

On Tuesday, the official US National Archives’s Twitter account posted a strawberry cake recipe credited to the former first lady

Democratic National Convention via AP Rosalynn Carter
Democratic National Convention via AP Rosalynn Carter's strawberry cake recipe is remembered as a 'family favorite'

Rosalynn Carter is being remembered for a beloved dessert following her death at age 96 on Nov. 19.

On Monday, the official US National Archives’s X account posted a “Carter family favorite” recipe credited to the former first lady.

“Today, we honor the remarkable legacy of Rosalynn Carter, whose warmth touched the nation,” the post began. “As we remember her, we share one of her favorite recipes—a classic strawberry cake—reflecting the sweetness she brought to so many.”

The post included a link to the National Archives Catalog and an image of the lifelong mental health advocate’s strawberry cake recipe.

The recipe, with a letterhead from the White House, calls for packaged yellow cake mix, strawberry Jell-O, cooking oil, chopped nuts, eggs, flour and strawberries.

The instructions are brief, directing the home chef to mix all ingredients, bake for 45 minutes and serve plain or with whipped cream.

Rosalynn was surrounded by family when she died on Sunday afternoon, two days after she entered hospice care following a dementia diagnosis in May.

Rosalynn was married to the nation’s 39th president, Jimmy Carter, for 77 years, and served as the first lady during his tenure from 1977 to 1981. She is survived by their four children and numerous grandchildren and great-children. Jimmy, who terminated medical intervention in February amid his own health challenges at the age of 99, remains in hospice care at home.

The National Women's Hall of Fame inductee is remembered for her human rights advocacy work throughout her life. Rosalynn wrote five books and was the recipient of numerous honors from organizations like the National Organization of Women and the National Mental Health Association.

She has been honored by messages that have poured in from world leaders, as well as many other political and public figures. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are among the many people who have shared their tributes to Rosalynn. They released a statement Sunday, remembering Rosalynn for "inspiring a nation and the world" with her dedication to addressing "many of society's greatest needs."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution/AP Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter on their wedding day
Atlanta Journal-Constitution/AP Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter on their wedding day

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"She was a champion for equal rights and opportunities for women and girls; an advocate for mental health and wellness for every person; and a supporter of the often unseen and uncompensated caregivers of our children, aging loved ones, and people with disabilities," the Bidens wrote, also noting the enduring love between Rosalynn and her husband.

"Above all, the deep love shared between Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter is the definition of partnership, and their humble leadership is the definition of patriotism. She lived her life by her faith," the statement continued.

"Time and time again, during the more than four decades of our friendship — through rigors of campaigns, through the darkness of deep and profound loss — we always felt the hope, warmth, and optimism of Rosalynn Carter. She will always be in our hearts."

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