Rosamund Pike: Actress backs campaign for team of women to clear unexploded landmines in Laos

Actress Rosamund Pike has backed a campaign to help a team of women clear unexploded landmines in Laos.

The Gone Girl star has urged people to donate to the Unlock the Land appeal, from the Mines Advisory Group (MAG), which aims to fund the removal of bombs left over from the Vietnam War.

The Golden Globe winner said: "Right now, right this minute, deadly, unexploded bombs are threatening the lives of the children in Laos in southeast Asia, even though those bombs were dropped decades ago.

"People are putting their lives at risk every single day, not knowing that hidden dangers lurk in their land.

"Communities are trapped, families cannot farm without fear and children cannot go to school or play in safety."

MAG said that Laos is the most heavily bombed country in the world per capita and had two million tonnes of explosives dropped on it during 580,000 bombing missions.

The Manchester-based charity uses highly trained staff and special machinery to find and destroy landmines.

Pike, who is an ambassador for the charity, said: "Clearance means kids can play safely and entire communities can develop and thrive instead of living in fear of bombs.

"These communities need help right now and that is why I'm backing the work of MAG and the brave deminers of Laos.

"Join me in helping MAG unlock the land for families in Laos so children can play in safety. I think they've been in danger for far too long, don't you?"

The UK government will match donations made to the appeal before 24 July.

Minister for Asia and the Middle East Amanda Milling said: "This month I saw first-hand the work of MAG's courageous, lifesaving clearance teams in Laos. By removing the threat of unexploded bombs they allow children to play safely and families to earn an income through farming.

"The generous support of the British public for MAG's appeal will enable people to get on with their lives and to rebuild their communities.

"The UK government will match every donation pound by pound to MAG's appeal up to £2m, making twice the difference."